In case of an emergency always dial 999 to seek urgent medical attention.
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And yes, if your situation is truly urgent and potentially life-threatening, heading to A&E might be necessary, but for non-life-threatening issues, a walk-in clinic or urgent care centre can often provide more timely and appropriate care.

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You will see face to face UK qualified NHS trained GPs with extensive urgent care experience from local large prestigious teaching hospitals. On have onsite: Blood testing ECG Viral testing and swabs Urine and Stool testing
We can: Provide prescriptions to pick from most pharmacies around the country. Provide private sick notes. Complete referral letter for further investigations.
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Your search for a GP near me is finished thanks to a tried and trusted service that adapts to your every need. Because we’re real people just like you, we know that you never want to be treated like a statistic or pushed onto a lengthy waiting list. What you want is to en-joy life in comfort and peace, all so you can make memories with the people you love.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What types of urgent treatment services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of urgent treatment services, including care for minor injuries, acute illnesses, infections, fractures, cuts requiring stitches, sprains, and more. Our clinic is equipped to handle most non-life-threatening emergencies promptly.

For life-threatening emergencies such as severe symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, or signs of a stroke, please call 999 immediately.

Do I need an appointment for urgent treatment?

No appointment is necessary for urgent treatment. We accept walk-ins and strive to see patients as quickly as possible to address their immediate health concerns.

What are your hours of operation for urgent care services?

Our urgent care services are available on Monday - Friday open 10am to 10pm and Saturday - Sunday open 9am - 5pm, ensuring that you have access to medical care when you need it most.

How long will I have to wait to be seen?

Wait times can vary based on the number of patients and the severity of their conditions. However, we prioritize efficiency and aim to minimize wait times while providing high-quality care.

What should I bring with me for urgent treatment?

Please bring a valid ID, your insurance card, and a list of any medications you are currently taking. If applicable, bring any relevant medical records or information about your condition.

Is urgent care covered by insurance?

No, urgent care is not covered by insurance at our clinic, as we are a private medical centre.

Do you provide vaccinations in urgent situations?

Yes, we can provide certain vaccinations during your urgent care visit if they are necessary for your immediate health needs..

Can you provide treatment for children?

Yes, we offer urgent care services for patients of all ages, including children. Our team is experienced in paediatric care and can address the urgent medical needs of your child..

How can I contact the clinic if I have more questions?

For any additional questions or concerns, you can call us at 0207 9160029, WhatsApp us at 07903 284189, or email us at Our friendly staff is here to assist you with all your urgent care needs.


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